Monk Envy

My latest Natalie Blog is now up at the USA Network’s Monk site:

In some ways, I envy Mr. Monk. He has direction in his life. He
knows who he is, what his talents are, what he was put on this earth to do. He’s
known since he was a kid.

Monk was born to be a detective. And he’s brilliant at it.

I’m not sure what I was born to do, what I’m good at, or where my life is
going. I’m sure there are other people like me, but I still feel like the only
one who didn’t arrive with pre-installed software.

3 thoughts on “Monk Envy”

  1. Interesting post on MONK and autism over at the Autism Diva. Her basic question is “why do we find a label other than autistic for anyone with symptoms of austism who has successfully adapted to the world around them?”


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