Nude Dudes

Back in the mid-80s, when I was still a freelancer writer, I wrote hundreds of articles for STARLOG and their sister magazines, including FANGORIA, COMICS SCENE, and ALLURE, their feeble attempt at their own version of PLAYGIRL. Just what the world needed — a porn magazine for women published by Trekkies. In honor of Turkey day, Starlog editor David McDonnell blogged about ALLURE, his company’s biggest turkey ever. He wrote, in part:

…perhaps we might call it pseudo-porno, a magazine with pictures of naked people that aspired to sleaziness but apparently wasn’t quite sleazy enough. It was intended by then-Co-Publishers Norman Jacobs & Kerry O’Quinn to compete with PLAYGIRL and feature nude dudes while appealing to a readership of women and gay men.[…]ALLURE ran at least one celebrity interview per issue and needed a writer. Asked for nominees, I suggested my LA-based contributor William Rabkin, who tackled Dudley Moore for ALLURE in a chat timed (believe it or not!) to that most inappropriate of movies, SANTA CLAUS (1985). Yes, SANTA CLAUS in the porno mag. WHAT were they thinking? Also, Moore played an elf.

Oddly enough, ALLURE editor Nancie S. Martin went on to edit PLAYGIRL and to pose naked in PLAYBOY. My then-girl friend worked as an editorial assistant at PLAYGIRL and got me a gig writing fake letters-to-the-editor for $25 each asking for sex advice. If I remember correctly, I wrote both the letters and PLAYGIRL’s advice. 

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