On the Radio/On the Air

This is a test, of sorts. I want to see if I can integrate audio and video files into my blog posts. So here is a half-hour radio interview I did last week on Gregory Vleisides’ "Metro Voice"  show on KCWJ in Kansas City:

Download goldberg_interview_.mp3

And here is the sales presentation for THE CHIEF, the unsold pilot I did a few years ago (and talked about in a blog post earlier today):

Download chief.rm

Please let me know if you’re able to download and listen/view these files. Thanks!

11 thoughts on “On the Radio/On the Air”

  1. The .cda link takes me to a web page with a few characters of text on it. Can you do plain old Quicktime instead?
    I don’t have Real Player installed on this machine, but the .ra seems to download properly.
    MacOS 10.3

  2. My safari 1.3 and OS 10.3.9 didn’t know what to do with the .rm. It downloaded fine but didn’t know what application to use to open it. Um, what program opens and .rm file? the mp3 was fine.

  3. .rm is a Real Player file.
    However, the stock MacOS thinks .rm indicates a Graphic Convertor file.
    Quick fix: control-click on the file and choose OPEN WITH REAL PLAYER.
    Long-term fix: GET INFO (command-I) on the file, choose OPEN WITH, and select REAL PLAYER. Then click the CHANGE ALL button, and all future .rm files will open correctly with Real Player.
    This all assumes you have Real Player to start with. It’s a free download from real.com.
    Lee–using plain old Quicktime instead will probably increase your compatability.

  4. Is the sales presentation made from pilot footage recut for this purpose? Some of the heads and tails seem long.
    It’s also hard to tell from the heavily compressed soundtrack, but seems it might not be as sweetened as a finished product.
    Is this typical of what you’d use as a sales tool? Would additional editing and sweetening be part of what you’d get from the deal?

  5. Keith,
    I’ve had that sales pitch on my computer for years. It was probably dubbed off one of the rough cuts and not the final, sweetened version. It was cut together using scenes from the pilot and some stock shots. Bill Rabkin and I and the two Freds (Silverman and Dryer) would meet with the network president. We used the tape as an intro to our verbal pitch and then, of course, they screened the actual pilot at their liesure after we left.

  6. Thanks. I’m trying to work my way up the indie film ladder–this was useful.
    Is it ever done that someone will make a sales video from footage shot specifically for the pitch? That is, there’s no pilot yet?

  7. I was able to enjoy both without a hitch.
    As to the Nero Wolf series, as a young broad I loved the show — I especially liked the casting — and was disappointed it was not continued.


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