An Email I’m Not Going to Answer

I got his creepy email from The Netherlands today:

Hello mr. Goldberg,

How do you do? i’m not so fine.

Iám a big fan of diagnosis murder and also from the familly  van Dyke, but i
don’t no how to write with them, i mis them very much. I hope that i can see
them some time, that’s my dream and it allways will be, because we haven’t no
money to come to America to find them.

Please could you help me? I hope so,’you are my last change.

4 thoughts on “An Email I’m Not Going to Answer”

  1. It seems to me the author’s trying to figure out how to write to (not ‘with’) the Van Dyke family. I would assume they wanted to write Dick and maybe Barry, but who knows? You also gave jobs to Shane, Carey, Stacy, and Jerry.
    And I don’t think it’s fair to compare this to Brooke Shields’ stalker character on Friends, since that character referred to Joey by his soap name, while this person referred to the actor’s name.


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