6 thoughts on “One Night Stands”

  1. Was SOUTH OF SUNSET the one that starred one of the Eagles? If so, those of us here* didn’t even get that first show.
    * So much time has passed that thanks to CRS I don’t recall whether “here” was just the LA area or the whole West coast.

  2. SOUTH OF SUNSET starred Glenn Frey as a PI. They finally burned off the episodes on MTV, I think.
    Another one-episode bomb was SUNSET BEAT starring George Clooney and Brad Pitt!

  3. Lee,
    I think ABC aired the two-hour pilot of ”Sunset Beat” on 4/21/1990 and a one-hour ep on 4/28/1990.
    CBS canned ”South of Sunset” after one ep and VH-1 aired the remaining eps.

  4. Wasn’t Clooney is a movie called Red Surf around that time? I remember it mostly because the cinema in Santa Cruz where I saw it was rocked by a quake. The locals yawned because it was below 6.0 but I had a wet spot that wasn’t from my Coke.


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