One of a Kind Blurb

My friend author Lewis Perdue, in the midst of his legal tussles with Dan Brown, actually found time to read a galley of  THE MAN WITH THE IRON-ON BADGE and had some good words for the book on his blog.

Get this book. Read it. And if you’re in the doldrums, suffering from the
heartbreak of psoriasis, the humiliation of herpes, or the agony of a lawsuit
with Random House, you will feel better after the first chapter.

Now that would make a one-of-a-kind blurb!

4 thoughts on “One of a Kind Blurb”

  1. Uh.. not herpes either … although I am beginning to believe that simultaneous raging cases of psoriasis and herpes would be far preferable than the DVCode Syndrome which carries with it a perpetual case of nausea.

  2. I was only kidding about the blurb…but I love the line “the agony of a lawsuit with Random House” as a sales pitch! Could you imagine that on a book?


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