The New York Times reports that the upcoming season of  THE SOPRANOS won’t be the last one after all.

Brad Grey, the new Paramount chief, who retained his title of executive
producer on "The Sopranos," said that Mr. Chase, when he got into the
storytelling for the coming season, decided it was still so rich it could be
continued, a decision Mr. Grey said that was endorsed by everyone involved in
the production.

"For the people on the show, this has been the greatest creative experience
of everyone’s life. Why wouldn’t you want that to continue?" Mr. Grey said.

4 thoughts on “More SOPRANOS”

  1. I am really glad to hear about this. I dont knwo what I will do without Tony and Carm on every Sunday night. The sopranoes is to me like Football every Sunday is to my husband.

  2. It was nice when they had at least the appearance of only continuing the show because they had a story to tell. Initially it was only supposed to be four seasons. Anyone else remember that?

  3. How many times have they decided to keep the series going beyond the current season? I’ll believe that show will go off the air when it goes off the air and won’t get excited about the prospect until it really does.


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