Only in L.A.

Yesterday, I was having coffee with a writer friend of mine at the Starbucks in Pacific Palisades. My friend was telling me some of the pilot ideas that he’s going to pitch this week and wanted my opinion of them. But that’s not all he got.

A stranger spoke up from the next table. "I have to disagree. I couldn’t help over-hearing. I think the guy should be more working class, a plumber or something."

"I don’t think so," said a stranger at another table. "Working class works for me."

Neither stranger was in the TV business, but they wanted to give my friend their input, since they were eavesdropping anyway…

Only in L.A.

6 thoughts on “Only in L.A.”

  1. Sounds like the Woody Allan scene in Annie Hall when the stranger in line at the movie disagrees with him, so he has to bring over Walter Lippman (the “medium is the message” guru)to prove the stranger is dead wrong.


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