Paperback Parade

Mygunhasbulletspod_2-001 My two "Charlie Willis" novels, MY GUN HAS BULLETS and DEAD SPACE, are now both available as trade paperbacks. These are the best-looking print editions of those two books yet, thanks to cover artist Carl Graves and designer Steven Booth.

 MY GUN HAS BULLETS, in particular, really looks nice...and it's about time. It was published back in the 1990s in hardcover by St. Martin's Press and I've never been satisfied with any printing of the book until now.

Those two books join THE WALK, THREE WAYS TO DIE and MAN WITH THE IRON-ON BADGE, which are also available now in trade paperback editions.

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  1. Murder by the Book here in Houston hand-sold me the hardcover of Dead Space (back when it had the Beyond the Beyond name — they still have a stack of remaindered hbs), and managed to score me a library binding copy of My Gun Has Bullets.
    Have I mentioned how much I love Murder by the Book?


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