Post-Partum Depression

I just completed my 7th DIAGNOSIS MURDER novel, "The Double Life," which will be published in Sept. 2006, and delivered it to my agent. While it’s a great feeling to finish a book, it also leaves this big void. The book has been such a big part of my days, and my thoughts, for the last few months that it’s strange not to have it there any more. But I’m not taking much time to  rest. I delivered this DM early — 30 days ahead of my deadline — so that means I’ll have a little more time to plot and write the 3rd MONK novel, "Mr. Monk and the Blue Flu," and can enjoy the holidays without having to worry about scrambling to finish a book.

2 thoughts on “Post-Partum Depression”

  1. Hey! Another DM novel on the way! I am one of those who came late to the party — I did not watch DM on CBS, and the reception is crappy in our area for PAX (excuse me, “i”) — so I’m reading these excellent novels not as a way of recapturing a lost television show, but because they’re really good.


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