Jetting to the Jet City

SeattlespaceneedlerestaurantMy brother Tod and I are heading up to Seattle tomorrow. I’ll also be speaking about becoming a writer to the students at
Jackson High School in Mill Creek, where my Aunt Britt Barer teaches,
on Friday. That night, you can see Tod and I sitting court-side for the
Sonics game doing our best Jach Nicholson impersonations. On Saturday, Dec. 3, we’re doing some booksignings  — at noon at the Seattle Mystery Bookstore and at 3 p.m at the Barnes & Noble University Village.

1 thought on “Jetting to the Jet City”

  1. I’m planning to go to the 3:00 at Barnes And Noble after work. Probably there about 3:15-3:30. How late will you be hanging there?
    Is Your Nanna doing better? I bet seeing both of you will do wonders!


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