Potter Pedophilia

Fanficcers think authors should be flattered by their work. Using their inane logic, JK Rowling should be overjoyed by "We Are the Women Who  Love The Boys of Harry Potter," a LiveJournal community "created for the sole purpose of discussing the beauty of the Harry Potter boys."

you are of legal age (18 years old or more) and feel more than just a
little attraction to the lovely boys of the Wizarding World, then
WELCOME! 😀 You will find your kind here.

We do conceed that
this community does show that we are, to some small extent, pedophiles.
Well you would be too, if you just looked at the boys! 🙂 We just
enjoy beautiful things. We can’t help that! 😀

Between Real Person Slash, DUE SOUTH Masturbation stories, and Harry Potter Pedophilia, what isn’t there to love about fanfic?

(Thanks to "Maggie Thatcher," who provided the link in her comments on my Wank Fic post)

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  1. So kete, are you okay with that particular paedo-site, then? Because some other fan ficcer got a King blurb on their book, that makes everything else perfectly fine?

  2. Lee’s hit count is down again….
    This is the conclusion I come to, and it’s despite his last fandom comment making it to fandom_wank. Wonder how long this one will last?

  3. PM and kete: I repeat the question. Are you okay with this admitted paedo-site? You seem to have more of a problem with Lee daring to mention it here, than the site itself.

  4. Kete,
    You are so naive. Naomi got the blurb because her husband runs Hard Case Crime, which published Stephen King’s COLORADO KID.
    I have noticed, however, that Janet Evanovich blurbed Lee’s book. She’s as big or bigger than King these days.
    The Insider.

  5. Do you think Lee gives a shit about Fandom Wank, whatever the hell that is? Grow up. He lives in the real world. You might try moving there too some day.
    The Insider

  6. Kete,
    You’re dodging Jimbo’s question. You seem to have no problem with a site where women write slash fanfic about underage boys (and admit to being pedophiles) or slash fic writers teaching underage children how to write slash sex scenes. Where do you draw the line…or is there no line for you?
    The Insider

  7. Here’s a not dodging the question answer: I find a site where women write slash fanfic about underage boys (and admit to being pedophiles) and slash fic writers teaching underage children how to write slash sex scenes to be completely disgusting, but I don’t have a problem with all fanfiction across the board. It’s not all porn. It’s not all created without the permission of the copyright holder. I can’t get my ire up about some kid – or even an adult – writing a story about Ron and Hermione going to the Yule Ball together and drinking punch, which actually describes the majority of fanfiction, rather than the pornographic minority. The problem is that here you have fanficcers pelting Lee with various unrelated news items about fanfiction, like that some writers of it go on to be professionals, in the hopes of bolstering its ‘cred’ – because he seems to hate it across the board, and not simply dislike its extremes. Extremes of anything are rarely savory. The mild middle ground of fanfiction is mostly just dull.
    It is true however that there is no reason for Lee to care about Fandom Wank. No one sane cares about Fandom Wank, and expecting Lee to care about it shows a disturbing lack of perspective as to its actual credibility, reach and relevance.

  8. You seem to have no problem with a site where women write slash fanfic about underage boys
    I have a big problem with it, it’s among the many things in fandom I don’t much care for, along with real person fiction (don’t like that whether professionally published or fanfic), filk, and people who take money for ‘conventions’ which aren’t. (Oh, sorry, that’s mostly done by the copyright owners.) And I do make disparaging comments on my lj. But it’s not my job to police either the internet, or other fans.
    Having said that, and without investigating very closely (it not being my job to police the internet), as far as I can work out the characters the writers on that blog write about are not real people. Therefore, if they are anything, they are underaged characters in a book/film/whatever. Or hadn’t you noticed that?
    (Hi Kete, I’m fine. You?)

  9. The characters aren’t real, no. But when they say “Well you would be too, if you just looked at the boys!”, and have an animated gif showing pics of all the young male actors, it’s not hard to see that their unhealthy obsession is with the boys.
    You say you have a big problem with it, and yet your first comment is to reinforce kete’s comment about Lee’s hit count. And even when you say you have a problem with it, you still feel compelled to drop in a not so veiled insult towards those soulless copyright holders – they’re the real evil, aren’t they? And still, you both have this wounded tone. It’s pretty sickening, to be honest. There is no defending this. They are self-confessed paedophiles who like looking at young boys. I’m stunned at both of your attitudes, and won’t be engaging you in debate any further, there’s clearly no point.

  10. There is no defending this.
    And I am not defending it. It is Not A Good Thing: how often do I have to say it to be believed? Again, it is not a good thing.
    But the characters in the Harry Potter books are not real people they are fictional, and there are other things in the world just as bad, if not worse.
    For instance, the abuse of real children and that real children really live in real and absolute poverty. I refuse to cry crocodile tears over the suffering of fictional constructs, when there are actual real children enduring far worse in sweat shops and their own homes all over the world and who far more deserve my tears and my help.
    That anyone thinks I should seems to argue to me a divoce from reality the likes of which the most tinhatted of fans can only dream.

  11. A site where women write slash fanfic about underage boys
    That certainly would be disturbing, but now that I have gone and looked at the community more closely, I see that there is no fanfiction there. Fanfiction is in fact never mentioned in the community’s info, or by any of the users, nor is any posted. Has it been deleted since Lee posted? Is it only visible to members? If not, I’d have to say that while the community is a repellent place, I fail to see what it has to do with fanfiction at all. Nobody has ever said that J K Rowling should be ‘flattered’ by random fan sites about the Potter movies’ cast, underage or otherwise.

  12. You seem to have no problem with a site where women write slash fanfic about underage boys
    Okay, okay, since Rommel commented on this I will finally reply to Jimbo, too.
    No, I don’t have a problem with women writing fanfic or phantasising (sp?) about underage boys. I find the Harry/Draco pairing lovely in a motherly sort of way.
    Also, I like to watch beautiful boys (beautiful people of any age, in fact) as well. I could have looked at Elijah Wood playing Frodo for hours on end. A piece of art, a living painting. Young Keanu as well. Sigh… Does that mean I would want to go to bed with them? For heaven’s sake, NO! I have to admit that in that kind of phantasy Tommy Lee Jones has a starring role.
    So, if there are women admiring the cast of the Potter films and like to swoon and sigh and squee “how pretty” I have really nothing against it. That they call themselves “pedophiles” is most likely tongue in cheek as they are probably a bit bewildered themselves about their enthusiasm for the boys. Like the early Elijah/Dominic/Billy/Sean fans calling themselves “pervy hobbit fanciers”.
    It’s all in the mind and yours seems to be much dirtier than mine if you see something depraved and dirty in one human being finding another one beautiful and expressing this feeling however clumsily.
    P.S. Rommel, I’m spiffy!!! 😉

  13. I find the Harry/Draco pairing lovely in a motherly sort of way.
    You think Harry and Draco slash — two 15-year-olds having anal sex and giving each other blowjobs — is “lovely in a motherly sort of way?”
    My God.
    The Insider

  14. That’s the other great thing about the Internet. No matter how screwed up you are, you can find a whole pseudo-community eager to tell you that you’re merely misunderstood, and that an intolerant society is the true problem.
    That’s not to equate true pedophilia with a website of emotionally stunted but probably harmless adults; but both demonstrate this same aspect of online life.

  15. You think Harry and Draco slash — two 15-year-olds having anal sex and giving each other blowjobs — is “lovely in a motherly sort of way?”
    You really are a bit repressed, aren’t you? Yes, Harry/Draco gives me the same feeling as Romeo and Juliet does. This feeling of “aw, young love! – and doomed young love at that!” Sniff, how sweet, how tragic… Needless to say they wouldn’t be doomed if I really were anyone’s mother. And no, I don’t care what two people of any sex do in bed. Not my business what feels good to them. And yes, I do think that 15-year olds should have sex, if they feel like it.
    As you get so hot about it, you must think about that aspect of their relationship a whole lot more than I. One can only wonder *why* you react so strongly….

  16. You think Harry and Draco slash — two 15-year-olds having anal sex and giving each other blowjobs
    I don’t much care for Harry/Draco myself, but if, in a story, they’re 15, they’re hardly what I’d call children.
    Yes, we’ve moved on from sending small children down mines and up chimneys, but the 15-year-olds of my acquaintance would resist very strongly any idea that they are still children. If they were real, a year more and they’re completely legal in my country and with a relationship between two fifteen year olds, no adult involved, the police wouldn’t prosecute either of them.
    Having said that, they’re not real. It may come as a shock, but there’s no such person as Harry Potter, wizard, and no such person as Draco Malfoy. They’re fictional. So they can be portrayed as shagging whom they wish: other than perhaps a grammar purist and some sheets of paper, nobody will get hurt.

  17. Of course, I find it not disturbing at all for people around the range of 13-17 having sex because they are not children; however, it would be truly creepy if it were younger than that. I also believe that many read or write it because they are “around their age.”

  18. wow people, you really need to get a life and stop generalizing o.O
    yes, i read slash stories.
    yes, i also enjoy writing them.
    no, i wouldn’t film little boys swimming in some public pool xDDD
    can’t you SEE the difference?
    let me rephrase that first line:
    you need to get a life, stop generalizing, AND grow a brain (:

  19. Nope, don’t see a difference. Starts with writing about little boys diddling each other and ends with molestation. It’s pedophilia and you are a sicko. The people who need to get a life and some meaningful psychological help are the perverts who write this porn.


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