Project UFO

Jack Webb is famous for "Dragnet," and his  "just the facts, ma’am" -style of  emotionless, rigid dialogue and performance. He  used that same approach for the short-lived series "Project UFO," which was essentially "Dragnet" with flying saucers.  Here’s the opening narration and theme. And you can even see entire episodes in streaming video on this site, one of the most blatant acts of copyright violation I’ve stumbled across on the web. The show is so obscure, I guess the studio figures it doesn’t even merit spending ten minutes and a 37-cent stamp on a simple cease-and-desist letter…if they even know about the site at all.

4 thoughts on “Project UFO”

  1. I remember getting all excited about this show because it was about U.F.O.s and, I’m pretty sure, I was in my “In Search Of” faze of childhood. Then I discovered the show was all about these two stiffs that investigated supposed U.F.O. sightings only to find that it was moonlight reflected off of swamp gas or a weather balloon.
    Show would have been better if there had been a real U.F.O. at least once. Just to spice the series up a bit, give it some real mystery.

  2. Remember: I am not selling these episodes. The charges are only for dubbing time, materials, wear and tear on my equipment and return postage to you. I make no claims as to ownership or copyrights on this series. I’m just trying to share the episodes with my fellow fans.
    WTF? Who’s this guy kidding?
    I don’t understand, Lee. Is this show parody, or was it done as a serious endeavor?


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