The Pay for Script Readers in Hollywood Must Really Suck

There is a guy on ebay who has gone from auctioning his old comic books and Heather Locklear posters to offering to read any script, and provide coverage, for $49.

I will read it and send back a 2-3 page analysis of the script. Also
called coverage, this is what the studios use when reading scripts and
will include a summary of the script (because if what I see as the plot
is different from what you meant it to be, there is a problem!), and
include notes on strong and weak points, and ways to make the script
more marketable.

A little bit about me and my qualifications. I graduated from the
University of California (USC) School or Cinema-Television with a BA
degree in Film, emphasis on Critical Studies. I also hold a minor in
Creative Writing and Literature. I have been working in the industry
for almost 6 years now, and have worked as a script reader for
Zide/Perry Entertainment (credits include "American Pie," "Final
Destination," and "Cats & Dogs"), and for Blain and Associates
(credits include "Save the Last Dance") and am currently working at
Shaprio/Grodner Productions ("Scared Straight," "Rescue 911", "Big

This is a great chance for any aspiring screenwriter.

I don’t see how. Unless the reader is reading for a studio that’s actually considering the script for option/purchase, the coverage is completely useless. 

The sad thing about this isn’t really the desperate aspiring screenwriters who will send a stranger $49 to read their script (especially one who is so clearly on the fringes of movie-making).  The sad thing is the schlub who, after six years in the business, is still reading scripts — and is making so little money that he’s been forced to auction off his movie posters and underwear.

The guy isn’t doing a favor for writers — he’s asking you to do him a favor. This auction is an embarrassing act of desperation by someone still struggling to find a foothold in the industry. He’s trying to take advantage of wanna-bes when, in fact, he is still one himself.

(Thanks to Richard Yokley for the heads-up!)

2 thoughts on “The Pay for Script Readers in Hollywood Must Really Suck”

  1. Hello,
    I have worked in the entertainment industry as a volunteer. I worked under my husband as his assistant(he was a PA). I have read scripts for William H Brown of Bill & Teks. I wanted to find out how to become a paid reader and if there are any jobs as a reader in Dallas tx, and if not where the reader jobs are.
    Please email me with any information you have on this subject. Thank you very much

  2. Readers can make up to $80 grand/year if they manage to land a guild membership (only 180 readers hold membership), so it’s not so sad that they’re reading after six years, but the fact they’re selling their underwear. Yikes!
    I’m guilty of offering cheap coverage as well … the writer’s strike hit hard, man.


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