Remakes A-Go-Go and Not-A-Go

Variety reports that Fox has cast Kathryn Hahn as Edie (played by Jennifer Saunders in the original) and Kristen Johnston as Patsy (originally played by Joanna Lumley) in their latest attempt to remake  the hit UK sitcom ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS. Hahn was the neighbor in REVOLUTIONARY ROAD and Johnston is best known for her work on 3rd ROCK FROM THE SUN.

Meanwhile, director king David Nutter, who has a perfect record of getting his pilots picked up to series, has agreed to helm the third try at a WITCHES OF EASTWICK series. 

CBS greenlit a slew of pilots this week…but so far they haven't ordered the buzzed-about remakes of STREETS OF SAN FRANCISCO or HAWAII FIVE-O

4 thoughts on “Remakes A-Go-Go and Not-A-Go”

  1. While I do not wish ill of a US version of AB Fab–every one needs work these days–I question why it’s necessary. The Brit version is perfect without a Yankee interpretation.
    We all “got” Monty Python when it crossed the Pond, the same for the Beatles and the Stones.
    And what about all those kids able to understand the Harry Potter movies without anyone explaining what “bloody” means in Brit-speak?
    Sign me,
    Remembering the US “Coupling” attempt and delighted that Gina Bellman is on “Leverage.”

  2. I first saw the name, “David Nutter,” in the credits for, The X-Files, but I thought the name was a joke pseudonym. I thought that maybe Chris Carter was directing and didn’t want his name showing up too much. So it’s surprising to find out that Mr. Nutter exists and has a great directing talent. I hope Mr. Nutter continues to succeed, and I now consider myself to be a Nutter-Fan. It takes years to sort some of these things out, doesn’t it?


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