Remember HUNTER?

It’s not often you see a review of a 15-year-old rerun airing in syndication…but this week, Entertainment Weekly spotlights an episode of HUNTER written by my buddy Morgan Gendel.

This 1990 Hunter ep is titled "Unfinished Business" but I call it "the one where
Hunter and McCall have all the sex." After six years of stake-outs, innuendo,
and lingering looks over dead bodies, Rick and Dee Dee finally get it on in a
series of positively Bergman-esque flashbacks– and a shiveringly unresolved
ending. Mulder and Scully got nothin’ on this heat. Truly, the crap cop show’s
finest hour. Episode: A. Series: C+. TVLand, March 25th at 1 pm.

I’m sure it was the best episode. Morgan has a knack for writing the episode everybody remembers…no matter what series he’s on.  For instance, his STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION episode "The Inner Light" was an instant classic, a Hugo-award winning script that every other STAR TREK series felt duty-bound to ripoff at least once, and sometimes twice (most recently on the ENTERPRISE episode "Twilight").

2 thoughts on “Remember HUNTER?”

  1. I remember that “Unfinished Business.” And yeah, I was disappointed. Not because of the writing, but somehow I got the impression that Fred Dryer was thinking, “It’s been six years. It’s about time Hunter got himself some of that.”
    OTOH, “Inner Light” (if it’s the one I’m thinking of) was pretty good.

  2. Heh – the only ST:TNG DVD set I’ve rented is the season with “The Inner Light,” mainly because I wanted the wife to see that episode (yes, I know that sounds kind of sad). She was reluctant to watch it, but at the end admitted that it was quite good and she wanted to see more episodes. I said that it was pretty much all downhill from there so let’s not ruin the moment.


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