Returning to the Battlefield

Remember how just yesterday I was whining about having nothing to do? That state of being lasted less than 24 hours. My publisher and Paramount enthusiastically approved my story for the next (seventh)  DIAGNOSIS MURDER novel… so I am back to plotting. I pulled the dry-erase board from my closet, propped it up on my bookshelf, and prepared for work…

…I watched Sunday’s DEADWOOD and two GUNSMOKE reruns back-to-back. Not that those westerns have anything to do with DIAGNOSIS MURDER, but that’s how the first day goes. Whining about nothing to do and then procrastination…such is the life of a professional writer.

3 thoughts on “Returning to the Battlefield”

  1. When you get a chance, I’ll be interested in your thoughts on plotting the book. I found the colored-index card on the wall method is working so far, but I’m always interested in learning more. In fact, it wasn’t until I started reading writers’ blogs that I started picking up the useful nuts-and-bolts info I didn’t find in the writing books. For all the ones that talked about “turning up the suspense” and “creating realistic characters,” none talked about the mechanics of working through the story. Or, maybe I just read the wrong books.


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