I thought I was the only one strangely fascinated by the ad with Steve Wynn standing atop his new hotel…but I’m not.  I don’t know whether it’s his smug smile, hisGallery1110787179msg167542_1 "I’m-a-Syndicate-hitman-from-a-MANNIX-rerun"  turtleneck and blazer,  the overblown DALLAS-esque score, the self-satisfied smirk, or the Siegfield & Roy-inspired theatrical flick of the hand that cues the big music sting as the camera pulls back from the roof-top in a reverse of the classic HAWAII FIVE-O main titles….

But whatever it is… I like it (maybe it’s all those sublimal TV references from MANNIX, DALLAS and HAWAII FIVE -O).  I can’t watch it just once. 

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