The Milwaukee Journal reports that PAX is dead.

Starting Friday, the little-watched PAX Network will begin shedding its
current identity to become something called "i."

That little "i" is supposed to stand for "independent," and Paxson
Communications, which owns Milwaukee’s WPXE-TV (Channel 55 over the air and
Channel 15 on Time Warner Cable), says it will become an outlet for independent
and syndicated programming.

It’s not clear what this will eventually mean.

Yes, it is. I is for Informercials…

4 thoughts on “R.I.P PAX”

  1. “I is for Infomericials”
    Ah… what Sesame Street has taught us…
    “Hey Kids! Look over there, its Oscar the Fanfic Writing Grouch! He lost his home in several lawsuits and now lives in a garbage can.”

  2. DIAGNOSIS MURDER reruns have moved to Hallmark Channel…that said, they’ve been pretty much run into the ground on PAX.


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