Sad News

Stanley Kamel, who portrayed Dr. Kroger on MONK, died yesterday of a heart attack. Besides being a very talented and versatile actor, he was also a very nice man. I worked with him long before MONK on an episode of the early 90s FOX series LIKELY SUSPECTS. He played a restaurant owner with an indecipherable accent. Much to my delight, when I met him again over a decade later at a MONK rap party, he not only remembered the LIKELY SUSPECTS role…he even remembered his lines! He will be missed.

(That’s Stanley with my daughter Maddie at last year’s wrap party).

7 thoughts on “Sad News”

  1. I was so sad to read about Kamel’s passing. Just yesterday I read his profile in my local newspaper’s TV mag and felt happy for him that he’d finally got a “nice guy” part.

  2. That is terribly sad. I only knew him as “Dr. Kroger,” but he was a crucial part of the show and I always enjoyed his interactions with Monk. My condolences to his friends & family. He will be missed by his many fans.

  3. My only real attachment was through Dr. Kroger from Monk, but I loved him in that role and will miss him this season. My condolances, however, to his family and friends. They have the truly hard job of grieving for him.


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