Sad News

I’ve just learned that my friend Richard S. Prather, author of the Shell Scott novels, died peacefully in his sleep last night at his home  in Sedona, AZ.  I spoke to him  a week or so before I left for Europe and he was thrilled about Hard Case Crime re-publication of  THE  PEDDLER.  I’m so glad the reprint happened for him before he passed away.

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  1. This is sad news. I recently read THE PEDDLER, after reading Lee Goldberg’s online recommendation, and was impressed with it. Lee, you were a good friend to him.
    With sympathy,

  2. Lee,
    You have my condolences. We have lost a good friend. For those of us who personally knew Richard S. Prather, we know what a gentleman he was, in addition to being a talented writer. I’ve learned a lot from him as I did from my late husband, Don Pendleton–both excellent teachers. For those of you who have not read my long interview with Richard about his writing career and life, please do. It is at
    And as it has turned out, his last interview.
    Linda Pendleton


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