Scam of the Month 2

Edwin Bush reports on DorothyL that even the critics at a respected publication like Kirkus can be bought…

He plucked this incredible offer from the Kirkus website:

Looking for Exposure? Need Credibility? Want to get Discovered?Market your book or e-publication to the publishing world’s decision makers!  Since our inception in 1933, premium subscribers have turned to Kirkus to market books, purchase paperback and foreign rights, and option and buy film rights-all based on the trusted and independent voice of our reviews.

"Now, for the first time in 71 years, Kirkus is offering a new review service-an opportunity for rights and acquisition agents to pick up your self-published, e-published and Print-On-Demand book.

Welcome to Kirkus Discoveries, from the publication that, for seven decades, has lent its brand’s credibility, integrity, and pedigree to nearly 5,000 books a year. Kirkus is now offering the same service to self-published, e-published and POD authors. Any publisher seeking greater exposure for a
title can gain awareness through our network of influential readers and buyers.

What you get:
The prestige of a Kirkus review [Lee’s Note: Prestige they will soon be losing once word gets around that their "prestige" can be bought], which will appear on, in your marketing materials and everywhere else you’d like to reprint it.

An audience of rights agents, booksellers, publishers, book distributors and Hollywood producers.

The opportunity to be included in Kirkus Discoveries-a monthly newsletter highlighting the best submissions-which will go to subscribers looking for the rights to undiscovered books, whether for print or film.

Here’s how it works:
You commission a review from us. [Lee’s Note: Bold-facing is mine, to underscore their utter lack of ethics] The Kirkus Discoveries team will provide a report on it to publishers, agents and producers, who can then pursue a rights relationship with you.

The Kirkus brand has long been trusted by the publishing industry as an indispensable tool to promote and build awareness of deserving books. Now it’s your turn: Let Kirkus help ensure your books are Discoveries.

What they don’t say is what their price schedule is for a rave review, a good review, or gentle appraisal. I can’t wait to hear what Publisher’s Weekly is charging authors and publishers for a review these days…

4 thoughts on “Scam of the Month 2”

  1. Kirkus Reviews fee schedule
    Acknowledge your book exists: 1 free copy
    Adequate review: $20
    Good review: $50
    Rave review: $100
    Calling it the greatest American novel since THE GREAT GATSBY: Priceless.

  2. I think Kirkus is more than a scam. I been doing research on the internet about them and have come across some interesting stories. It seems that Kirkus goes out of its way to trash POD (self publishing) books regardless of how good or bad they are.
    My research has to do with helping a friend of mine who self published a romantic novel over 6 months ago. A lot of her other friends throught it was great. Even though it was not my flavor, I thought the book was decent. Anyway, she thought that a good review by Kirkus would be “wonderful” and so sent it off along with a $400 fee.
    Eventually she got her “wonderful” review back. It was nothing more than a venomous pile of crap that litterally said her book wasn’t worth the paper it was printed on. As you can imagine she was devastated. She nearly walked away from her love of writing and who knows what else. It took a lot of convincing by me and others to get her back on track.
    But that’s not the end of the story. It gets better. Very recently, I was out partying with a few friends of mine and we were at a bar that had some good bands. So you know the place is a little loud.
    Anyway there was this guy by the bar with some chic. Apparently he had banged down quite a few drinks and was probably feeling quite good. I drifted by and over heard some of their conversation. This guy was boasting what a great editor and writer he was. And I think I heard him say he worked for Kirkus as a consultant. That got might my attention. So I hung around a little.
    From what I gathered from the conversation, his company had some tier fee along with a policy of trashing Print On Demand books. This guy then got on the subject of a particular scifi book that he had just reviewed. I think he said it had “Mars” in the title. He also said it was better than Star Wars and that “he couldn’t allow that” and “that it might hurt his sales too.” You think that there was a little bit of conflict of interest there? Anyway I wanted to punch him in face, but I just had to get out of there after hearing that.

  3. You said “Anyway, she thought that a good review by Kirkus would be “wonderful” and so sent it off along with a $400 fee.”
    This just reveals that your friend is an idiot who deserves exactly what she got and so are you for helping her delude herself. She tried to “buy” her way into publishing and a good review. She is not a published author, she is a fool who paid to have her book printed in something resembling a paperback. Yes, a good review would be “wonderful” — if you’ve earned one on the quality of your work instead of trying to bribe someone for it. A rave review from the Kirkus Discoveries pay-to-be-reviewed scam is something no bookstores or critics take seriously. It’s just a way for ignorant print on demand writers to fool themselves into thinking they are critically acclaimed authors. It’s laughable that anybody would fall for this or think it was a wise use of their money! It’s not Kirkus you should be mad at, it’s your friend and yourself for falling for the print-on-demand/pay-to-be-reviewed scam. Punch yourself in the face, Bob, it will be a wake-up call.
    What amazes me is that these idiot print on demand writers are always so upset when they aren’t taken seriously and expect sympathy for their monumental stupidity. Get real, Bob. You are a sucker and so is your friend. The real publications and non-bought critics are biased against print on demand because its mostly atrocious shit that no-talent writers paid to have published because no one else on earth would publish it.


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