The Mail I Get…

I am not a reviewer. I am not a chiropractor. And yet I get mail like this…The typos, by the way, are his own.

Subject: Book pn chiropractic
Date: 9/17/2004 4:16:24 PM Pacific Daylight Time


I would appeciate a review of my book 2nd edition ,See www, Will be happy to send a copy or two. THe book addresses what is a national fraud expending huge sums of money on unscientific care best spent on prescription drugs and medical research Thank you L.A.Chotkowski MD FACP New EnGland Books.

Why do I get this stuff???

2 thoughts on “The Mail I Get…”

  1. See, you work in television and have published books. (One with a penis on the cover no less.) This is a bad combination for avoiding reviews or blurb requests from total strangers.
    I do not get these because no one wants a review or a blurb from an IT grunt working at an insurance company.
    Than again, my book comes out in November. There’s a chance that will change.
    But I don’t have a penis on the cover of mine, so I may still be safe.

  2. I get requests, although not as many as I used to, to buy the book, read it, and review it at Amazon. Consider yourself lucky they were planning to give you a copy of the book.


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