SeaQuest Meets Baywatch?

I worked on SeaQuest, with an enormously phallic submarine, Roy Scheider, and a talking dolphin. I also worked on Baywatch, with an enormous collection of fake boobs, Monte Markham, and a talking David Hasselhoff.  So you can understand my miss-givings when I read in the NY Post that,  in a union spawned in hell, the two are coming together.  Steven Spielberg, exec producer of  SeaQuest, is bringing Baywatch to the big screen.  Save yourself while there is still time.

2 thoughts on “SeaQuest Meets Baywatch?”

  1. Fake breasts and phallic objects, bottle blondes and inflatable cod pieces, scantily dressed women and ‘beautiful’ people running in slow motion against undulating waves and crashing surf?
    Sounds like a Woody Allen comedy starring Rowan Atkinson as Mr. Bean and the Blackadder.
    Have mercy.


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