Shaken for Japan

SHAKEN_FINAL_No_credit Naomi Hirahara, Brett Battles, Wendy Hornsby, Cara Black and Timothy Hallinan are just a few of the amazing authors who've contributed stories to SHAKEN: STORIES OF JAPAN, an ebook anthology that benefits the  Japan America Society of Southern California's Japan relief fund. You won't find an easier or more enjoyable way to contribute money to a great cause.

2 thoughts on “Shaken for Japan”

  1. It’s been a great pleasure to be part of this. The idea was Tim’s, the vast majority of the work was his, he contributed a wonderfukl story, and he worked tirelessly to get the collection published and promoted.
    It has turned out to be a great book we’re all very proud of. Thanks, Tim!

  2. Thanks, Lee, for this. We need all the help we can get to sell copies. Now that the images of the disaster are fading, so is support, but the needs of the people who were devastated by the quake and tsunami are as urgent as ever. The Relief Fund doesn’t hold back a nickel for overhead or anything, so every penny of the author royalties from the book go straight to the disaster area.


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