Shuffling the Deck

Now that all the broadcast networks have announced their fall schedules, NBC has reassessed their competitive position and completely reshuffled their lineup. Kevin Reilly, president of NBC Entertainment, told the NY Times:

"It’s unusual for us," Mr. Reilly said of the wholesale changes in the
prime-time lineup. "We go first, and we are fourth. Unusual
circumstances lead to these kinds of measures." Such sweeping changes
in a network’s schedule so soon after it had been announced have
happened rarely, if ever.

[…]NBC ultimately ended up making changes every night except Saturday and Sunday.

advantage of shifting so many shows after the advertiser presentations
known as the upfronts was the opportunity to find some weaker spots in
the schedules of CBS, ABC and Fox, Mr. Reilly said.

…which raises the question among some industry observers: Did the network get the jitters or was their initial schedule a fake to begin with?

4 thoughts on “Shuffling the Deck”

  1. I have to say, ever since I found a link in your entries to Media Life, I go there non-stop.
    While I’m not interested in getting into television (writing or any such aspect) I’ve found the backstage business of it SO INTRIGUING!
    Just hearing how networks shuffle programming, cancel and pick shows, it’s affected the way I think.
    Take last night, when Lost was two hours and started at 9, taking it’s slot into 11. At first, I thought of how 24 had a 2-hour show, and did 8-10, and how 10-11 is rather late… but then I thought
    “of course, they’re hoping to swing over Idol finale viewers who are staying up late and also find Lost appealing.”
    Whether reason or not, I wouldn’t have thought that way without you pointing me to this trade!

  2. Panic. Sheer, blind panic.
    They had this great idea of reclaiming Must-See Thursday with their Sorkin drama… and then they blinked. And put in a trashy POS game show. Which, granted, is working. But hardly rebuilding the brand. Unless the brand is “We’re NBC. We’ll put on any crap we can think of to peel away the tiny handful of available viewers who aren’t watching the real shows.”

  3. What does a “POS Game show” mean? I know you’re talking about DEAL OR NO DEAL, but I’m not familiar with what P.O.S. stands for.


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