Signing Angst

My sister Linda Woods is having her first booksigning event tomorrow for VISUAL CHRONICLES (which she wrote with my sister Karen Dinino) and it’s giving her nightmares:

In the first nightmare, I
gave birth to a baby that projectile vomited Styrofoam. I am not sure
what that has to do with the book, but it was damn scary. The second
nightmare was slightly more realistic. I was trying to decide which of
my 12 black jackets to wear and glanced at the clock and saw that it
was 8:30 and that I was an hour and half late to my own book signing.

Welcome to being a professional author, sis!

1 thought on “Signing Angst”

  1. Your sister is discovering the nakedness of being an author. I have discovered, after about sixty books, that there is nothing about me the public hasn’t figured out. My heart and soul appear on every page, even in books that are not at all about me, such as my biographical fiction. I think she will do fine, and I admire her courage. There are authors who won’t attend a signing at all.


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