Slush Hour

Blofeld4 I saw RUSH HOUR 3 today. The story made no sense at all, but I Flashweb005 had a good time anyway…mostly because of Chris Tucker. He was the movie. He made lines funny that weren’t funny. Max Von Sydow was in the movie, too, which I also found amusing. If you cast him in a part, you might as well hang a sign around his neck that says: ——-

Well, you know what it should say. 

5 thoughts on “Slush Hour”

  1. There is one sex scene in the movie — although there is no nudity, the dialogue and situation do push the PG-13 boundary. It depends on your comfort zone. It will probably go over the head of your 9year old’s head and your 13 year old should be fine.

  2. Oddly enough, I just saw THE SEVENTH SEAL the other evening. How does von Sydow’s performance in RUSH HOUR 3 stack up to that one?
    Oh, and I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for FLASH GORDON.

  3. I was in the first one in downtown LA. I was in the building they blew up as a swat team member, until I got into a tussle with who turned to be the director over a gas mask problem. The guy almost broke my glasses and after i told me off, pushed him off me in fact i got promoted to detective and sent out on the street with Jackie and Chris. Nice change!


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