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I’ve run into a lot of old friends on the picket line and it has been great catching up with them. It’s made me wonder why it took a strike for me to finally see them again. So one of my new year’s resolutions is to stay in better touch with my friends.

The day before going to NY last week, I had breakfast with actors Erin Cahill and Maurice Roeves from my movie FAST TRACK (not that I had lost touch with them) and then lunch with Javier Grill0-Marxuach, best known for his work on LOST.  I enjoyed hearing about his terrific experience shooting his pilot THE MIDDLEMAN and recalling our time together on SEAQUEST. It’s nice to see that he’s every bit as boyishly enthusiastic about the biz as he was when we first met.

Today I got a 24-hour reprieve from jury duty, so I was able to grab lunch with Terry Winter, best known for his work on THE SOPRANOS, who had me laughing so hard with anecdotes and stories that I nearly choked on my club sandwich more than once.  And tonight I had dinner with Carl Strueck, our stunt coordinator from FAST TRACK, who is visiting L.A. with his lovely wife.

Seeing more of  my friends has nothing to do with "networking" and everything to do with simply staying connected to people whose company I enjoy…especially those who, with the exception of a few email exchanges and occasional phone calls, I haven’t actually seen in a while. 

I’ve also been doing a lot of writing (nothing for studios or networks, of course!). Mostly I have been working on my books. But  I optioned an Edgar-nominated crime novel a year ago and the strike has given me the opportunity (and the time) to finally write the script. I know many other writers who have used the "down time" to write that personal "passion project" that they haven’t had time to get around to….until now.  I’m sure that once the strike is over, Hollywood will probably be flooded with fresh material. I hope mine won’t get lost in the script tsunami.

Things have been hectic at home. My daughter got a 3-month old puppy from the pound and it’s like having a baby in the house again. Our nights are, to put it mildly, a challenge lately. But the puppy is adorable and sweet and learning fast.

Tomorrow I am free from jury duty again…but tomorrow I have to call in again and see if I am needed to bring justice to the lawless west.


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