Zooty is a Hooty

Victoria Strauss has exposed another scam…but this one is more insipid than most.

If you have a good manuscript, and
are unable to get published, Zooty and Flappers will publish your work
as an ebook and CD. Readers will be allowed to down-load your book
free, and give it a report and rating. If the rating is good, your book
will be removed from the free section, and offered for sale…When your
book has sold the required number, it will be sent along with a reader
and sales report to agents who are AAR members in good standing.

According to the Path to Publishing page (worth reading in its entirety, but don’t be drinking any liquids while you do), the "required number" is 10,000 copies.

UPDATE 1-30-2008:  Zooty founder Domenic Pappalardo has responded to Victoria, accusing her of being a minion of Satan. He writes, in part:

the past several weeks, Zooty and Flappers has come under attack by
several  groups.  The inner-net has allowed Satanic writers to reach
children of all faiths in the safety of their home, and to slander all
who speak against them. Some hide their writing under the guise of
SiFi.  Is their new Bible, "The Awakened City?"  authored by Victoria

[…]Ms Strauss is the editor of Writers Beware, which she uses to silence all who speak against her following. She has supported
claims that Mr Pappalardo is a deceptive scam? None of which has been
backed with any fact. The true reason for her attack and that of her
followers?. She has spread the word via her blog at, "writers beware
blog."  Was this a protection for Jean Lauzier? (co-founder of
"Storycrafters," a chat room (Storycrafters blog).

It is well
known that Mr Pappalardo is for the unification of all who believe in a
single God. Satan has always been a force to divide and destroy.

9 thoughts on “Zooty is a Hooty”

  1. This: “A well written manuscript that readers love, that has a sales record of no less than 10,000 books.”
    Reminds me of that line in Chicago: “If Jesus Christ lived in Chicago today, and he had come to me … and he had five thousand dollars.”

  2. A Vanity press is someone who prints books and charges for the service.
    Zooty and Flappers does not print, have printed, nor is a press in any form. Nor do we chare for any such service.
    A reporter (which you claim to be) gets all the facts before printing a story.
    I would not believe anything you wrote about anything or anyone. You sir, are not a man to be trusted.
    Domenic Pappalardo CEO Z & F

  3. Where does Lee claim to be a reporter!?
    He simply linked to Victoria Strauss’ blog post about you, where you erroneously claim to be a publisher.

  4. I have removed the reference to Zooty being a vanity press. I was wrong. Apparently, it isn’t a vanity press. It’s just a ridiculous enterprise by someone who clearly has no concept how the publishing business actually works…and seems to have no connections to get your book sold (he hasn’t been able to sell his own, so how would he sell yours?). You’d accomplish just as little by posting your manscript on your own blog.

  5. Mr Goldberg,
    If one makes claims that someone is a scam, they should show what the scam is. No one has. All those who have made comment, point to “They don’t think it will work.” As to name calling, read your own post Mr Goldberg. “It;s just a ridiculous enterprise.” How whould you know? What in your past makes you an expert on what will or will not work in business?
    Zooty and Flappers has not started the project as yet. It is a four step project that you know nothing about.
    And yes Mr Goldberg, I have never been in fear to bark back at those who make a tale of scam where there is none, or to call a stupid person stupid. You don’t know what you’re talking about when it comes to business. If you can see a scam in anything I have said, Print the scam, or piss off.
    Domenic Pappalardo

  6. Satan sent me here to inform you, Mr. Pappalardo, that the portion of the website that is scam-worthy is the part you recently deleted — the path to publishing page. Satan also sent me here to inform you that while you don’t approve of Lee’s site because it prints “opinon [sic] and not fact” you do approve of the Mystery Writers of America because of their stance on self-publishing, the irony of which is lost only on those who do not honor the dark lord. I do suspect Victoria Stauss will find it funny you approve of Preditors and Editors, however…


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