Star Trek Enterprise — End This Mission

I knew, after the season finale of STAR TREK ENTERPRISE, that if the show continued, it was going to suck. It was a Planet of the Apes-esque ending where Capt. Archer wakes up on earth during world war II, is captured by the Nazis, and… they’re aliens. You know an sf show is on its last gasp when they start trotting out the Nazis. This was a new low for STAR TREK, which is saying a lot, considering they did a whole episode a season or two back about the Captain’s sick dog.

My writing partner William Rabkin caught the season premiere of ENTERPRISE before I did, and sent me this email while I was in Canada:

I bet you never dreamed that the season premiere would be Nazi aliens versus… Brooklyn gangsters! And in the same wardrobe as Oxmix and the other guy from “A Piece of the Action,” but without any personality.

I thought he had to be joking. Sadly, he wasn’t. I just saw the show for myself. It was astonishingly awful. It’s time UPN pulled the plug on ENTERPRISE. At this point, it would be a mercy killing. It’s too late for the show to die with dignity…

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  1. And people wonder why I recoil and whip out a crucifix every time someone asks me about STAR TREK these days. But then what do you expect from a show whose most memorable line is “A poop question?!”

  2. I just read the transcript of a chat with ENTERPRISE exec producer Manny Coto
    Geoffrey: Was “Storm Front” written/outlined when season three ended, or was it more of a “write us out this situation” type of thing?
    MC: I’m afraid it was Number Two.

    I’d think the less time spent planning a plot, the greater the chance of the plot appearing slapdash. This certainly seems to be the case on ENTERPRISE (and on the final season of ANGEL, too).

  3. Personally, I thought the season premier wasn’t that bad. It kept me entertained and I’m ready for next week.
    Of course, I will still be watching on Wednesdays (only day I can work it out with some friends), so I have a 6 day wait.
    Still, the only reason I watched was because these friends come over to watch it with me and they’ve been doing it from the beginning. I’m praying that it either improves drastically, or it dies this year. I’m tired of it.


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