The Mail I Get

I am not a documentary film producer, nor am I in the documentary film business. And yet, I still get emails like this:

I am an amatuer film producer. I have a great idea for a on going documentary series, I would love to run the idea (in its in infancy) to somone…i can make it happen. The basic is coverage on nj’s new problem with young youth, gangs, ets. I am a youth worker at the Juvenile Justice Commision. There is sooooo much opurtunity for a great 3 part series. It would be based on a youth worker/ Convicte juveniles lives and tribulations inside these programs that are rehabilitional services there are so many secret occurences that would wow an audience. Its NJ’s dirty secret. It could even strech over a 5 year span, mabey once every 6 months. I’m talking real footage and a study of the mental idealology of these youths. Thugs that cant even think for themselves and the problems of the JJC. amazing stuff. I have it all in my mind on how to make it work. killer-drug dealing robbing thugs in real life, but boys in here. Its amazing. they dont have the capability to make the most basic decisions. Please call me and here me out. It would be memorable. I true look into NJ’s dirty little secret of what the future of America is looking at. Music impact… impact.. endless interestin insight into the mind and actions of these children. I cant begin to explain. i could get interviews live footage.. travel to there homes.. interview families. Its about a new wave of mental disorder that is dumbfounding.

Don’t people stop to think before they said me stuff like this? Just because I am an episodic TV writer/producer, that doesn’t mean I want to hear everybody’s ideas for reality shows, movies, and books…

I thought if I started posting this stuff on my blog, people would stop sending it to me for fear of embarrassment. I guess I was wrong.

3 thoughts on “The Mail I Get”

  1. Keep posting. It’s great freakin’ entertainment, as Joe Pesci would say.
    Besides, do you know how cathartic it is for writers to see someone finally vent about “Hey, I’ve got this great idea for a story…”?

  2. The idea is not the thing; it is, at best, just the beginning of the thing.
    I think a lot of people think that since their “great idea” took them a lot of mental effort to come up with that they have done their part. Now it is up to someone else to shag ass and figure out how to make it work…oh, and yeah, could send me a fat royalty check when you are finished?
    If you have a “great idea” you have to invest a significant portion of yourself into it to make it work.
    Simple Rule: If somebody can take your idea and do it just as easily with you as without you then you have not done enough work to make your idea a reality.
    You would actually be a fool to bring your idea to the table because your idea is likely leaving the table without you. Then you can be in one of those commercials I hear on the radio “I came up with the pubic hair stylist but I didn’t get a patent”.
    Ideas are worthless. Chances are yours is not really that original…it is what you bring to it that matters. If that is nothing then you don’t have a prayer.


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