Steve Cannell is Dr. Danger

Here’s a clip from a DIAGNOSIS MURDER episode that Bill Rabkin & I wrote…and that we cast Steve Cannell in as an action-adventure producer doing a TV pilot based on Dr. Mark Sloan’s life. When the pilot doesn’t sell, he remakes it….upping the action to a ridiculous level and casting himself in the lead. The clip is from that revamped pilot… 


3 thoughts on “Steve Cannell is Dr. Danger”

  1. Oh, gosh.
    Glad I caught the end credits of the Castle Steampunk episode for 10/11/10.
    It was what we saw a jillion times at the end of all those Stephen J. Cannell productions, him at a typewriter, tapping away on something cool.
    That just grabbed, and then made me smile.


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