Style and Substance

Tomorrow I am off to Munich with my line producer and department heads to make a big presentation to the network on the look, feel, and cast of FAST TRACK. I am really looking forward to showing them everything we have in mind so they will be as energized and enthusiastic as we are.  I’m also eager to get the network approval on our American actors so we can get them on planes to Germany next week. I will also be meeting with the network’s marketing, public relations, and merchandising people to talk about those aspects of the show as well. Then it’s off to Paris on a late afternoon flight to make a  casting session on Thursday for one of our remaining, principal roles…and then I go to London on Thursday night for a casting session on Friday…and then it’s back to Berlin for one, final casting session on Saturday for the remaining, supporting parts. We start shooting on May 30th.

I’ve been here for a week now and I am still exhausted. The problem with the long hours and all this jetting around is that I can’t seem to get my jet lag under control…so I’ve given up. I’ve accepted that I will be going to bed at 10 and waking up at 5. The nice thing is that I am getting a lot of writing done between 5 and 8 am on the MONK book…

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  1. My current novel is set near Munich. At least the second half in April, 1945. It concerns liberating the concentration camps of Buchenwald and Dachau. My protagonist was there.

  2. Suggest you get them to cast people who are not made in a factory just outside Birmingham, West Midlands. Several times recently I’ve had to give up watching a show because the characters all looked alike and I couldn’t work out who was who.
    In case you were wondering they were the film, “Michael Collins”, and the two series “Supernatural” and “Smallville”.
    Have pity on us propasognosics, please!


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