Sub-Prime Suspect

I finally caught up with the final episode of PRIME SUSPECT. Helen Mirren’s performance was exceptional, as always…even more so when you consider what little she had to work with.  The mystery was ineptly constructed, the solution glaringly obvious within the first five minutes of the three-hour, outrageously padded, cliche-ridden bore. PRIME SUSPECT 7: THE FINAL ACT was far from a triumphant end to the once-great series.

Next up for me — the return of CRACKER in what was also touted as his final case.

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  1. Helen Mirren had the lead when she was 33 in Shakespeare’s, “As You Like It,” and she was magnificent. The movie is shot on videotape before a live audience so you feel like you’re there in the theatre, and by the end of the 150 minutes, the audience has simply fallen in love with Helen Mirren and her character, Roselyn. This performance has stayed with me ever since I saw it about thirty years ago, and then saw it again about ten years ago. If you like Shakespeare, this one’s a real treat.

  2. Where’d you get the new CRACKER? Did it air on BBC America already?
    All I’ve seen since the series ended was WHITE GHOST, which was enough to stop the DTs, but not what you’d call a real fix.


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