The Mail I Get

Here’s an example of how NOT to promote your book. I got this email today (I’ve removed the name of the book to spare the author justified embarrassment):

Dear Lee,


First I want to thank
you for the opportunity of my book, The XYZ, being reviewed by you.
I would be happy to send a copy of my book via UPS. Please forward a
physical address where I may send it.


My website for the “The XYZ” is


I look forward to both your thoughts and review.


If you have any questions or further information that you require, please contact me.

Does he really think that anyone would ask for a copy of his book after reading this email? The way he has awkwardly worded this email, it appears as if I have agreed to read his book when, in fact, I have never heard of him.  With writing and promoting skills like his ("thank you for the opportunity of my book"), it’s no wonder that he’s "published" by Authorhouse, the notorious vanity press… 

For pointers, he should read this    and this.

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  1. I never trust any stranger who calls me by my first name or uses a nickname, both of which suggest familiarity that doesn’t exist. I don’t use the nickname of Richard, which reminds me of tricky presidents or male organs, but I sure get dicked.


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