Surgery Update

I will be having surgery on my right elbow on Wednesday, Nov. 17th. In my absense and recuperation, my brother Tod and my writing partner Bill Rabkin will keep you entertained, informed, and offended…and let you know how I am doing. Until then, I’ll do my best to fulfill those awesome responsibilities.

5 thoughts on “Surgery Update”

  1. Lee,
    Tina and I wish you all the best. Tod, the guy who doesn’t return email is taking over???? Watch out Tod I send Kasey over to your house and take away all your video games. I bet Tod will be bust with Halo 2 which is released tomorrow.

  2. Thank you for all the kind wishes! I’m sure Bill and Tod will keep you updated on how I am doing while I recuperate. I hope to be back on the blog… and back writing my next book… within a week after the surgery.


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