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The print ads for the awful new TVLand sitcom RETIRED AT 35 feature the three stars of the show under the headline "When Your Career Goes South." I couldn't help noticing what's missing from the picture. See if you can spot it (click on the photo for a larger view):

The show's three stars are pictured, but only two are identified — George Segal and Jessica Walter. The poor guy who is at the center of the sitcom and the advertisement isn't mentioned at all. Apparently, his career has already gone south. If I was him, whoever the hell he is, I'd start looking for a new agent. 

5 thoughts on “Take a Hint”

  1. Is the agent to blame for the poster? Is that something that should have been covered in contracts? Or, are you saying the agent gave bad advice sticking him in that show?
    I’m serious here, I am mostly clueless how that stuff works.

  2. It’s funny, to be sure. But I’m not sure how fair your assessment is, given that all the other information I’ve seen about the show definitely shows it to be a vehicle for Segal and Walter, as if the son is merely the sounding board for their antics.

  3. Gerard,
    Yes, his agent is to blame, for not putting in the contract that he should get billing in all advertisements and for dictating the placement of that billing relative to Segal and Walter.
    I have seen the pilot. It all revolves around him…he’s the one who “retires at 35.” Segal and Walter are the wacky co-stars, hence the reason why he is at the center of the photo.


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