That Girl and Charlie’s Angels

The Globe  (the sleazy tabloid, not the Boston paper) reports that Marlo Thomas is returning as THAT GIRL in a sitcom pilot for ABC. In the revival, she plays a grandmother whose 20-year-old grand-daughter is a struggling actress in New York. This reminds me of the disasterous MARY TYLER MOORE SHOW movie  (MARY & RHODA) that ABC did a few years back, which focused on the original sitcom stars’ daughters and their laughless struggles.  The tabloid also reports that all the actresses, from Farrah Fawcett to Tanya Roberts, whot starred in CHARLIES ANGELS are reuniting for an ABC TV movie.

4 thoughts on “That Girl and Charlie’s Angels”

  1. Dreams from minds are to many, but where is the real lifetime?
    Enjoy! Apophìs is arriving near, but my girl too and they haven’t seen her! Not yet!
    A plaet with a big HOLE. Like those sweets…
    Posted by Horrible Creature

  2. Your report of the story doesn’t say if they’re reteaming for a ‘Charlie’s Angels’ continuation or not. As a TV Universe advocate, it might be interesting so long as the writing was top-drawer (unlike the MTM reunion movie as you mentioned).
    But otherwise, it sounds like the stunt casting that made so many of your ‘Diagnosis Murder’ episodes so much fun!
    And as for the comment by Horrible Creature, I wonder if he (she?) got hold of some of those promotional brownies sent out by the people at ‘Weeds’….?
    “I’ll have what (s)he’s having…..”


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