Television Chronicles is Back

Television Chronicles was a magazine made for TV geeks like me. It was chock full of interviews and episode guides on classic and not-so-class TV series. Sadly, the magazine disappeared from news stands a few years back. But I am very pleased to report that Television Chronicles has returned as an online magazine. The current issue has an indepth look at the making and demise of the Bill Bixby series THE MAGICIAN.

5 thoughts on “Television Chronicles is Back”

  1. In that regard, it’s a lot like the magazine, which also looked amateurish — like a high school newspaper. But the content far outweighed the bad design.

  2. I loved that show, The Magician–but I was a teenager then. I wonder how it holds up today? I remember a scene where Bill Bixby’s car is being tailed by another vehicle: he stops, walks back to the other car, and sprays opaque paint on their windshield. I remember thinking, “He’s going to get his ass kicked…”

  3. I recall that in the opening credits, he was introduced on stage, bowed, and then disappeared in a puff of smoke. I remember thinking, “That’s his whole act? The audience must feel ripped off!”
    Plus, it was cool when he escaped from a pair of handcuffs and then used them to slide down a wire. As an elementary school kid, I liked that sort of thing.


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