The Mail I Get – Follow Up Edition

I heard back from that 12-year-old girl who wrote me the other day, asking if she was too young to write & produce her own TV series. I basically told her there was no hurry, and to use the years to come to learn about the business and hone her craft. She replied:

Thank you for all of the advice! I know for right now I my work won’t amount to do squat but when I’m older hopefully it will. My only fear is that between, competitive swimming, Improv, School, making music, trying to become a better artist, Church, mission trips, wanting to spend time with my family, traveling, writing, wanting to be social, and at least relaxing a little I’ll lose the will to do what I want.

Relax, you’re 12. You have plenty of time! And this is the age when you are supposed to be exploring all of those other things. Who knows, you may discover a passion that means more to you than writing for TV, and that’s fine. Your interests and priorities are bound to change as you get older, learn more about the world, and grow as a person. It’s not something to be anxious about but to embrace.

4 thoughts on “The Mail I Get – Follow Up Edition”

  1. I didn’t get dad-like encouragement like that until I was 22. You’ve given this kid a 10 year head start.

    Dear kid, he’s right. Go, you. Explore everything that gives you joy.

  2. Dear, Dear, Dear, Mr. Goldberg:
    I am writing to you just to let you know how much I have enjoyed your Monk books.
    They are even better, more detailed, and funnier than the T.V. series.
    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE GIVE MONK BACK TO PUBLIC. Your capabilities go above and beyond and I just hope continue to write more. They are the funniest books ever.
    You remain my hero.


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