The Mail I Get

If you’re hiring a publicist, it’s a good idea to find one who can write a coherent press release that reflects well on you and your product. Otherwise, the message you are sending is that you either don’t possess basic English writing skills or that you don’t value your product enough to care about how it is presented. Take this recent pitch from publicist Nancy Parker for example:

After we wrote an article on the blog we try to find sites that might be interested in hearing about the article to see if they would be willing to share it with their followers.  Accordingly, we recently wrote an article called  XYZ located here: XYZ.  It would be great if you could share this with others if you feel that it would be of interest to them especially those that follow your site.

Here is Nancy’s bio:

Nancy Parker, regularly writes for XYZ. She is a graduate in English literature and currently pursuing her masters in Online Journalism. 

You’d think that someone who studied English literature and is pursuing a masters in Journalism would not only know how to write a sentence, but also how to compose a compelling hook for a press release.  This is an embarrassment. And, by extension, it makes the clients, a website for hiring nannies, look like idiots, too.

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