The Truth Hurts

I am ashamed to admit it, but everything my brother Tod is saying today on his blog about me and my sister Karen and our musical childhoods is true.

Helen Reddy, You and Me Against The World. Good christ, Karen played this song like she was earning royalties from it. The odd thing is that it’s actually one of two songs Karen played constantly that contained a lyric about going to the circus. There was a lot of Helen Reddy played in the Goldberg home back in the day, which might make one think that I’d be enlightened into the ways of women and not, you know, as I am.

5 thoughts on “The Truth Hurts”

  1. Hey Lee,
    I’m afraid of Tod’s blog. LOL I went in there once while I was checking out your recommended blogs and he was ranting about people becoming friends with him on facebook and how stupid and pathetic they were. He was funny, but ANGRY funny. He could easilly wear Mr. Potato head’s ANGRY EYES. LOL
    I was touched by his recounting of being at the Inaugural on the mall, but I’ll stick with your blog.
    Oh dear, now Tod will come to my house and kick my dog and pull up my shrubs. Or just lambast me on his blog. How would I know?
    I’m curious though, what was your geeky music choice?

  2. That was a great post! Of course, I have to admit that I know the words to all the songs Tod listed for you and your sister. Sounds like the soundtrack of your house was playing at mine, too. (You didn’t have any John Denver in the mix, did you?)
    About the Edmund Fitzgerald…what drew you to that song? The drama/mystery of it? Just curious because as a kid, I loved that song, too. (I still stop what I’m doing to listen when it comes on the radio.) But, I grew up in the Great Lakes region. I was eleven when the wreck happened (1975) and vividly remember the reporting of the accident and all of the mystery surrounding it.

  3. We had a lot of John Denver, Neil Diamond, Sammy Davis Jr., and Frank Sinatra in the mix, too. (Some of it because our parents were listening to it on their eight-tracks in the car and we were a captive audience).
    I was a huge TV and movie soundtrack nut, so there was a lot of that.
    I don’t know what drew me to Gordon Lightfoot…probably the same thing that drew me to Harry Chapin, Jim Croce, and Peter Paul & Mary during that same period. I guess I liked the storytelling in the songs.

  4. I LOVE Jim Croce. And if Dr. Love’s Travelin’ Salvation Show comes on the car radio, you’ll see me singing along loudly and BADLY but with gusto grinning my head off. But I wouldn’t tell anyone that, not even in my 25 things about me list. oops I guess I just told about a million people. (How many people read your blog Lee?)
    Thanks to Charmi for asking Lee about the artists he loved as a kid.


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