The Double Life is Finally On Sale. You Can Breath Again.

In case I forgot to mention it, my seventh DIAGNOSIS MURDER book, THE DOUBLE LIFE, is now available in finer bookstores, truck stops, and places of worship nationwide.
I like to think of  THE DOUBLE LIFE as the second book in an unofficial trilogy that began with DIAGNOSIS MURDER #5 : THE PAST TENSE and that will conclude in May 2007 with the eighth and final DM novel, the appropriately titled THE

You can order your very own signed and/or personalized copy of THE DOUBLE LIFE from the friendly mystery babes at Mysteries To Die For, who will gladly send your order anywhere in the world…and to most State and Federal prisons.

7 thoughts on “The Double Life is Finally On Sale. You Can Breath Again.”

  1. My goodness this book was awesome. I was so afraid of what was happening and started getting really pissed that I almost just stopped reading and just tossed the book aside, but I had to know how it all transpired. You did a great job with this book. I read it in one day within a matter of hours from when I went to get my hair done and even when I was kinda watching Studio 60. I wanted to know more about what happened in the book then what was actually occuring in the episode. I think that says something, but it could just be that I’m odd and have one too many things going on around me at any point during the day.
    All of them in the series have been good and I really like the fact you’re delving more into the psyche of the characters and everything. Sometimes you just don’t get enough from the show and this makes the years of watching so worthwhile. I’m really looking forward to the next one with a return of one supremely weird and crazy character.
    I think I’m gonna have to sit down and read it again because so much happened that I might have missed a few things.

  2. That reminds me. Since you won’t be writing any more DM novels and I would like for them to go on…I wonder if they might contract another writer to continue. He or she wouldn’t have to pick up where you left off, I imagine. I’d be interested in seeing someone else’s take on the series.

  3. I’ve been told that the publisher isn’t interested in continuing with the DM series without me…which I find very flattering, of course. That doesn’t mean they won’t change their minds down the road…but if they do, I’m sure they would ask me first if I wanted to continue. In the mean time, I am writing the Monk books for them, so we have a very close relationship.
    As far as seeing someone else’s take on the series, all you have to do is watch the last two seasons of the TV show, which went in a very different direction after I left (which is why I ignore those seasons in my books).


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