The Face of E-vil

PhantasieThe Smart Bitches Who Love Trashy novels tackle some E-book covers…and the results are laugh-out-loud funny. Here’s a sample, referring to the book cover on the left:

Beavis: Whoa!

Butthead: WHOA!

Beavis: She’s like, naked! With armbands!

Butthead:Huh huh. Yeah.

Beavis: And she’s gonna get stabbed by that CHURCH! YEAH!

Butthead: Huh huh.That’s cool.

Beavis: Stab her! Stab her in the BUTT!

Butthead: Huh huh huh huh. Tell her to move her hand first so we can see her boobs.

Beavis: Yeah! BOOBS

Butthead: Yeah. Huh huh.

Me, I’m curious about the author’s name. "Kit Tunstall?" What kind of name is that? It sounds like a particularly unpleasant procedure involving the colon.

7 thoughts on “The Face of E-vil”

  1. Hey Lee, I know her. Not personally, but she’s one of the original Publishamericans. An Idaho mormon mother writing romantica. She was an early poster at absolutewrite on the PA problem.

  2. Not a Mormon. Please. A Mormon would have a heart attack reading my books. In fact, I’m not religious at all. However, I am soon to be a mother, so I guess I’ll be corrupting another generation. 🙂
    I couldn’t get back the rights to Undercover Mother. Everyone should be allowed one mistake, right? Publish America certainly qualifies as that. I have learned my lesson and moved on to a publisher that pays extremely well. I assure you my “smut” is making more than you can imagine.
    Cover issue: As you might know, authors rarely have any control over the book covers they receive. Having said that, I kind of like this one. It really portrays the smutty BDSM I get paid so well to write. I’m sure it contributes to the sales. I’m in it for the money, so the smuttier the better, I guess.
    As for my name, it is mine. I don’t hide behind a pen name, actually. So glad to hear your opinion on my name though. It influences me greatly. Yeah.

  3. I have learned my lesson and moved on to a publisher that pays extremely well.I assure you my “smut” is making more than you can imagine….I get paid so well to write… I’m in it for the money

    Really? I never would have noticed from all the mentions of money in your post. Yes, I’m sure writing for Elora’s Cave is a gold mine. We are all mighty impressed. No, AWED by your enormous wealth. I hear that Sue Grafton, Nora Roberts and Janet Evanovich are switching over to them for their next book. You’d think with all that cash pouring in, they could afford to pay more than $1.50 to their “cover artists.”

  4. My mistake Tunskit. In Idaho it’s not exactly a stretch. Like the movie business, porn actors rarely make it to the bigtime. While I’m not against Ellora romantica per se, it’s not the peak of the literary world by a longshot. You could have gotten your rights back, but then it would just be another E-thing.


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