The Road Ain’t No Place To Start A Family…Or To Write FanFic

Unlike my brother, who has been involved in a long standing war of attrition with writers of fan fic, fans of Battlestar Galactica and a legion of Ken Bruen fans who want to beat his lily white ass, I try to stay away from calling people clueless morons or shut ins or hermits or other names because of their fandom. I mean, I don’t always understand it, and am a little frightened by some aspects of it, but I am generally more  disturbed  by authors who dress like their characters in their author photos.

However, when I saw a link on Gawker to Steve Perry fan fiction, I couldn’t help but think that on a sunny island in Hawaii, Lee would want me to mention it here…and, if possible, engage in a lengthy discussion with the writers of the fan fic, those who support it, lots of people from England (check out Lee’s previous threads on this…a surprising number of Brits call Lee all sorts of interesting names!). But the fact of the matter is…I love Journey! Yeah, I really do. Along with Rick Springfield and Nutella, Journey is one of my main guilty pleasures.  In college, when "Faithfully" came on during a fraternity party,  if you were in my arms on the dancefloor, it meant loving time. That and "I Need Love" by LL Cool J were my jams, man. (To answer your next question, I was in college from 1989-1994, we just had really bad DJs.)

So: if you’re going to write fan fiction about Steve Perry, lead singer of Journey, originator of the red leather pants and shirt tied at the waist look for men, maybe think about inserting a little Tod Goldberg action in there as well.


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