There’s No Laundry Room in Neverland

17701056I’m sure you’ve seen the Halloween costumes that Michael Jackson has been wearing to court.  But did you know he never wears the same one twice? And did you know he has a personal wardrobe consultant who dresses him every morning? The LA Times interviewed his costumers Michael Bush (no relation to George) and Dennis Tompkins  today.

Each day, Bush wakes at 3 a.m. to drive the day’s outfit — typically a
colorful print vest and a suit with military details — from his home
studio in Los Feliz up the 101 Freeway to Neverland Ranch. There,
between 6 and 7 a.m., he dresses Jackson, who always says "Thank you"
and gives him a hug, Bush says. The designer returns by midafternoon,
in time to help Tompkins put the finishing touches on the next day’s
look. Tompkins makes most of Jackson’s costumes with a single fitting.
The pair create his courtroom wardrobe using the "Michael mannequin,"
built to the singer’s exact dimensions.

Perhaps what they are most proud of is that Jackson has never worn the same thing twice.

"We have two or three tailors around town making jackets because we can’t make them fast enough," Bush says.

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    Normally I couldn’t care less about a Michael Jackson story, but Lee Goldberg posted on this, and I must admit that it got my attention.

  2. finally a solution to sending my laundrey out and thenhaving to schlep it up 3 flights to my apartment that does not have a washer/dryer, dishwasher or elevator!!!!! I will just move to fantasy land with jacko the wacko!! sheesh — i am leaving my all temp-er-Cheer at home —


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