There’s No Need to Fear, Another TV Remake is Here…

Following on the heels of SCOOBY-DOO, Variety reports that Disney is developing a live-action version of the TV cartoon UNDERDOG.

Underdog"Anything where you have a dog in that superhero context, that’s appealing on a
global basis," producer Gary Barber said. "Those films do very well, and there’s no better
brand than Disney for this kind of movie."

…The tongue-in-cheek "Underdog" skein, created by Buck Biggers and Chet Stover,
made its debut in 1964 on NBC and ran until 1973. The character was an unlikely
superhero: a beagle who sheds his milquetoast identity of Shoeshine Boy to
become a caped superdog who speaks in rhymed couplets. Wally Cox provided his

In the feature script, by Joe Piscatella and Craig A. Williams, a diminutive
hound named Shoeshine gets superpowers after a lab accident. When he’s adopted
by a 12-year-old boy, the two form a bond around the shared knowledge that
Shoeshine is really Underdog.

10 thoughts on “There’s No Need to Fear, Another TV Remake is Here…”

  1. I have to say I’m not crazy about this trend of recycling old programming and making it new again. It’s almost as if people have stopped coming up with new things just to revamp things already thought of.
    Ofcourse, I might be a little partial because they haven’t remade anything that I wanted to see remade. 😉

  2. Dear Lee,
    I have some Underdog fanfic. Would you be able to tafghghoiuyt9uyi $s%^rfo9g..
    Sorry. My cape got in the way of my keyboard.
    Anyway…. would you mind taking a look at it?

  3. This is one TV show to film that I think will depend on the casting. It was the voice of the late Wally Cox that made those cartoons work so well.
    I don’t know if it’s an old tape of his voice in that Visa Check card commercial, but if it’s an impersonator, the producers of the movie better sign him up, because it’s a pretty good imitation.

  4. I’m sorry, but as fanficcers of the Famous Underdog Circle of Kings (do your own anagrams you dirty minds you!), Paul and I believe that production of this film should be halted to preserve the quality that we have created for this long-lost very old animation show through our countless stories written 40 years after it actually aired.
    However, if any of the producers are interested in a screenwriter I have several (hundred) stories that include crossovers between Underdog and many famous characters.. such as: Buffy, Angel, Superman, batman, Star Wars, Star Trek,and Bonanza… to name a few.
    So to sum up, please stop your commercialization of this character and raping his inherent goodwill for your money grubbing enterprises.
    Oh, and stay the f*** away from my ideas or I’ll sue.
    Have a nice day!

  5. Certian things should be left alone. Hollywood needs an enema if they think this is a good idea.
    And yet they ignore the real easy ones. Speed Racer just screams live action movie.

  6. What controlled substance is making movie studios think that live action version of crappy old cartoons is a good idea? First this, now the Smurfs(!). What’s next, Shirt Tales?
    Whatever it is, I want some.


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