I drove my 11-year-old daughter to school this morning. We were just about there when she groaned.

"Oh no, I just remembered. We have ‘Human Growth and Development’ today. And it’s right before recess!"

"So?" I said.

"Dad, I have a snack at recess."

"I don’t see the problem."

"How am I supposed to eat after hearing about people putting their thingies into thingies? It’s disgusting."

I don’t think I need to worry any time soon about her competing with her friends to give the best blowjobs.

3 thoughts on “Thingies”

  1. Start worrying now. That change in attitude might not occur for years, but it will come too soon for you.
    A daughter. Sheesh. You might as well stop sleeping altogether.

  2. Thingies II

    So my 11-year-old daughter gets home from her Human Growth and Development class at school and has some questions about sex. Why does a man’s thingie have to get so big? she asked. So he can get his sperm inside


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