DEADWOOD not quite Dead

Variety reports that writer-producer David Milch and HBO have agreed to wrap up DEADWOOD with a pair of two-hour movies. HBO balked at renewing the very expensive western (reportedly nearly $5 million an episode) and paying to hold the 20 regular cast members until Milch could produce new episodes (he’s added a second HBO series to his committments).

For Milch, keeping "Deadwood" alive in some form
saves him having to prematurely end the show or work with a truncated
fourth season of six episodes, which HBO had initially offered. He is said to have worked with the network over the
weekend to give "Deadwood" a proper conclusion.

"I am thrilled that we were
able to figure out a way to continue," Milch said in a statement. "No
one was ready to let go of the show, and I’m really glad we’ve found a
way to proceed that works creatively."

6 thoughts on “DEADWOOD not quite Dead”

  1. Deadwood was stillborn, so its death is redundant. There was no one to like or care about and no story with a ray of sunshine in it. Mr. Milch claimed his show was realistic, but the realism extended only to one dark corner of 19th century frontier life and he ignored the rest. I keep looking for someone, anyone, who truly liked Deadwood, without reservation, and am still looking.

  2. I’m glad you did. I’m always rooting for western stories. I think the dislike was generational. The older the viewer, the less inclined he or she was to enjoy Deadwood.

  3. I liked the show. Actually, I think it’s the best television I’ve ever seen in my life. As far as likeable characters, I think Al is fantastic. I wouldn’t make his life choices, but I identify with him on many levels. I’m 32, by the way. Does that make your assumption correct?

  4. I’m a 56 year old female who loves Deadwood. I think at its best that it’s better than anything else on the air–and it’s at its best more often than not. I love the characters, the Shakespearean dialogue, the continuing story lines. I suppose some new viewers may have been put off by the ever present profanity, but if so it’s a shame they didn’t stick with it. They’ve missed something unique and brilliant. I’m very dissapointed that HBO decided to kill the show in favor of the bloated, incredibly expensive to produce Rome.

  5. You must not be “looking” very hard because my experience has been completely the opposite. Deadwood is fantastic, and every single person I recommend it to (from my 20 year old cousin to many of my 30 something co-workers and friends to my 55 year old uncle to my 65 year old father) loves it. I’m 33 by the way. Even my girlfriend (age 25) who was initially turned off by the language and violence has started watching. Deadwood is a revisionist Western and doesn’t follow typical conventions. The characters are very real and aren’t afraid to balk what we want them to be in favor of being who they are. Al is a murderer yet he genuinely cares about his people and the town. For most us, Al is the hero of the show despite his nature. His shades of gray are fantastic and he is one of the better characters to come along in awhile (especially in Season 2 where he really starts to shine). Even Bullock, who is supposedly clear cut good, has his human failings. As for no rays of sunshine, in amongst the muck you find light in the personal relationships and some of the character’s willingness to help out the strangers they have decided to build a town with. The Doc for example, and Jane and Bullock and Utter and Trixie and Ellsworth and yes, even and especially, Al. It’s the kind of show that grows on you. Unfortunately a lot of people look for happy endings and recognizable archetypes which isn’t Deadwood. It requires that you peel away a few layers (which happens as you soak up the realism of what it must have been like to live in that time) over several episodes and before you know it, you’re hooked. I’m about half way into Season 3 but I’ve put the last half on hold. I just don’t want the series to end! I’ll watch them when the movies are closer to being released. Alas, Deadwood is another Firefly (also a non-conventional Western)… amazing shows ahead of their time and thus underrated and canceled. 🙁 If you haven’t watched it yet, I highly recommend it and make sure you watch several episodes (preferably in a row) before you judge. P.S. for those of you in withdrawal, check out “Life” (NBC I think). So far I’ve counted about 4 or 5 Deadwood actors making guest appearances. It’s a decent show too!


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